Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stop Motion

Hello out there! I've been working in my studio NON STOP lately, and its been great, and sometimes I feel crazy, and sometimes calm. Its a whole range of emotions going on this school year. This is my 7th year of school, heres the thing: Undergrad took me 4.5 years, and my grad program (that I'm in right now) is a 3 year program, me being in the 3rd and final year. I can't help but feel this thesis show, which will be up in Portland in the beginning of May, is the end all be all of my school year (because it basically is), and so it has to be like the best thing I've ever made, seriously, EVER. So yeah, I feel tremendous pressure, to not only own up to this task, but to do so in this highly intellectual/research based way. Anyway I've recently come to the conclusion that I need to make a stop motion animation, I think this project would sum up all the ideas and practices I've researched throughout my time here. Here are some sets that I've been working on:

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