Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Textile Printing

Wall Comic Part 2

Wall comic

Hi everyone, hope your holidays were swell, I just wanted to post some photos of the work I produced last term, an outrageously, frantic, busy, but successful term. I took a textile printing class and I am now glad I have this useful skill under my belt. I played around a lot with text I wrote from my comics and poetry, ones such as "swallowing arrows and spitting fire" referring and reacting specifically to my personal turmoils during the term. Another was "in the morning I pulled the curtains and we were gone" a reference to a place I visited in where I once lived, but moved away from and the degree of separation I ultimately felt returning to that place. I also started experimenting with pins and string forming text on the wall in 7 individual boxes creating a site specific comic, I was really drawn to the immediacy of this process. The text reads all together "with these arms, I will swim, through the thicket of labor and loss." I am going to investigate this process further this term along with soft sculpture coming out of the wall.