Monday, January 25, 2010

I've spent the past two or three days writing a poem for a project that I will soon be working on for my thesis. The poem goes:

Firey red leaves on autumn trees line the streets of Mulberry and Church.
A kiss traveled from the cherry trees of Washington transformed into a sacred sequoia whose branches mark the veins and vessels within my heart.
Shirley Temples drunken on long nights that seemed never ending. Pink cushioned stools in which my feet cannot touch.
A white tablecloth signals an ending in a red jeep with noses pressed against foggy windows and eyes following street lights aligning a simple childhood fast lived.
The october harvests that fill tummies with promises and satisfaction. Harvest moons colors of red and orange connect our circles soul of ritual and dreams in the night.
Apple orchards off of scenic hills that stretch for miles into past churches and schoolhouses of teachers, desks, chalkboards, books, maps, and projections of the future we hold.
Milk chocolatey tree bark that bubbles and folds as my grandmother stirs the pot with her wooden ladle and gold wedding band still worn on her wrinkled finger as he watches up on the dusty shelf.
Lime shaped moons cut and pasted for decoration into enchanting night skies in which we gaze and ponder creation and departure. Dissolving our worries and instilling hope into our fleshed conscience.
I took a bite and dove into tidepools and waterfalls clear as sparkling stars or glissening crystals that heal our wounds when we plummet unyieldingly into our past memories buried deeply within floor cracks, safes, and book pages.
Blueberry pancakes my uncle made on Sunday mornings followed by sands and seashells encrusted and embedded in summer beach houses where new tides and new thoughts entered kitchens and bedrooms and mellowed into one.
Greetings in driveways from brother to sister and sister to brother all seemed to disappear as rivers stretched on and aged rocks two thousand years. Secrets still hidden, love still shared. Memories stir earthquakes but last like the mountains and stars in the sky.
Long walks through trails and conversations that flowed within rivers we swam. Strawberry summer sunsets that melted away confrontation and frustration but embraced, like the wistful willow, collaboration and cooperation.
Bike rides that lead to abandon houses and forgotten love. Feelings of rushed adulation subsiding slowly to death. Innocence lost, wisdom gained.
Funerals not burying but planting a new life of unity where understanding becomes the essence of growth.

Final project for my drawing projects class, it took some time to sew this baby together but well worth it. Its a mix of scrap fabrics. It initially was supposed to be a human heart but ended up taking on its own shape.

Another Figure drawing project, my friends Elaina Crary and Gabe Keehn. Made in ink, and watercolor pencil

This was a final project for my figure drawing class, a life size drawing of me riding a bear.

These I also made for my drawing projects class, paper plants. Each plant is placed in a recycled tin can. Made with watercolor pencil, ink, and wire.

This is a pillow pod I made for my drawing projects class. Some of the pillows you can take out from the bigger one. It was made with all different fabrics and embroidered with thread.

This was also made in my thematic drawing class. I believe the assignment was to create in an image in which something bad occurred that you wanted to make okay or good. I chose death.
All three were use of collage and watercolor

A Jack Kerouac Poem, this was from my Thematic Drawing class...we had to create a piece that was based on a piece of text. I chose a Jack Kerouac Poem:

And when a dog barked, I took it for soundwaves and cars passing too
And once I heard a jet-plane which I thought was a mosquito in my heart
And once I saw salmon walls of pine and roses, moving and undulating with the drapish

Once I forgave dogs and pitied men, sat in the rain countin juju beads, raindrops are ecstasy, ecstasy are raindrops-birds
sleep when the trees are giving out light in the night, rabbits sleep too, and dogs

I had a path that I followed thru piney woods and a phosphorescent white-hound dog named Bob
who led me the way when the clouds covered the stars, and then communicated to me
the sleepings of a loving dog enamoured of God.

On Saturday mornings I was there, in the sun,
contemplating the blue-bright air, as eyes of lone rangers penetrated the dust
of my canyon thoughts, and Indians
and children, and movie shows.
Jack Kerouac (from Buddha)

I made this for my final for basic painting a mix of oil paints, ink, and collage.

I made these last year with watercolor and pencil on woodblocks, I call it "The many nasals of florals"

I made these guys for my art show last year, it was a BBQ themed art show so my two friends, Lindsey and Elaina and I made all types of decor to create a backyard space. It was quite succesful.

This is a self portrait I did about a year ago right after basic painting. I was influenced heavily on the winter season.

My First Post

Hello bloggers or readers, I decided I needed to create this blog as a way to share my art with others. This is my first blog ever and have decided not only to use it for sharing art but poetry I've written as well. So keep a look out because there will be plenty of things to look at in the incoming future.