Monday, January 2, 2012


At the same time I was making the loose leaf paper, I began making multiple pink suitcases with legs, in awkward positions, communicating feeling uncomfortable in a new place/involvement in romantic relationships. I started compartmentalizing objects from memories I had within these "failed romances", in the suitcases. Also want to continue creating these.

Loose Leaf Paper

I began creating loose leaf paper out of fabric and thread, and writing my poetry frantically onto the fabric with a sewing machine, using a darning foot (to move freely). I was pleased with the results, and plan to continue with this idea, possibly an oversized piece of loose leaf paper is in the works!


Here are some images of jars that I began creating in the middle of the term. Each holds a different object representing a different memory.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A long overdue update...

So much catching up to do since the previous post, a mockup drawing of an installation I was working on. Well didn't turn out as I would have hoped, and it is very much still in the process. It's going to be five or six times larger than it is presently. Here is the last updated photograph I have of this particular piece. I took a break from it out of frustration, hopefully next term I will have more progress on this piece.