Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm continuing with the loose leaf paper, eventually will move onto yellow (once I figure out dyeing), and other sorts of paper. These are some shots of an installation I did in the LaVerne Krause gallery at the University of Oregon. All machine sewn.


I made this piano as an homage to 14 Mulberry St., New Paltz, NY. A house I lived in for a little over a year, but had friends living there consistently for ten years or so. I wanted to create this homage to not only the house itself but the creative people that infiltrate it through and through. It's an iconic object in the house that's an important source or connection to this abundance of creativity. Mulberries if your reading this, I miss each and every one of you daily.

The piano is made from fabric (store bought and found), thread, wire, and poly-fill. It is machine and hand sewn.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sewing Rebellion Workshop

Sewing Rebellion with Frau Fiber (aka Carol Frances Lung)

Yesterday I had the splendid opportunity of attending Frau Fiber’s “Sewing Rebellion” workshop at University of Oregon. We were given instructions on how to create bags from t-shirts, and how to make aprons from button down shirts. Some of us had brought in our own clothing that needed mending or fixing up.

Carole Frances Lung is a performance artist and activist whose work deals with social issues within the production and manufacturing of the textiles industry. She’s done several projects in which she’s worked with the community she is present in, being that the clothing couldn’t be made from used or discarded fabric without the help of the community. One of her projects consisted of a bicycle powered sewing machine in the streets of Portland. Her garment design was based off of a Columbian sportswear jacket (a popular article of clothing in the Pacific Northwest) for rain gear, and sewing five sets, with the use of plastic bags, amongst other rain proof discarded material.


Indigo Ikat Weaving

My first indigo ikat weave! I picked a super simple design to understand the mechanics of weaving more so than the technicalities of design. I start my next one next week, this time I will be using bamboo instead of cotton! Super stoked!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cover Art

Check out the cover art I did featured on my dear friend Matt’s new tape release, “The Wave”. He goes by Subpixel, and he rules, it is well worth your buck, I swear.

You can find his music here: